Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Since we haven't been up long enough to have been flooded with questions yet, here's a list of questions that we though might be commonly asked! :)

- Who are Jess and Chris B.?

Jess and Chris B. are two average Americans currently living in Bellevue, NE. They are in their mid-twenties, with no children but three wonderful furry cats. Chris served in the United States Army for 5 years before leaving military life for the life of a motor-driven reel assembler at a local manufacturing company. Jess graduated from the University of Nebraska- Lincoln with a B.A. in Psychology and then set about finding jobs that had nothing to do with her degree. After an injury forced her retirement from working as a trainer for Curves gym, she has found work in retail, first as a store manager for a small retail store and currently as an Optician for a retail chain. Jess and Chris met and dated in high school, broke up when their lives parted paths, and somehow managed to fall in love again several years later. They have now been happily married for almost 4 years.

- How do we know this isn't a scam?

First of all, most of you have probably found this site by receiving an email from the couple themselves, or from someone who knows the couple personally. Or perhaps you read about us in the paper or saw us on the news, and therefore know that we are real people and not crazy bots out to infect the web with viscious scams. If you just randomly stumbled upon this blog, all we can say is that we are not scam artists, and hope you can trust us even though you do not know us. If it weren't for the possibility of real scam artists picking up our information online, we would have gladly posted our last name and contact information! In the meantime, feel free to comment here or contact us via this blog and we will do our best to show you that we are honest people.

- Why are you running all of these contests when you don't even own the property?

We are running all of these contests because we are honest with ourselves and know that we do not have the net worth to obtain a loan the size of what we would need to purchase the property by ourselves. However, if we were to show up with a large down payment and proof that people believe in our idea and are planning on booking rooms with us, or have already pre-booked rooms with us, we are positive that we could obtain the loan that we are looking for to both purchase the property and to begin renovations on it. We are both blue-collar workers, who work hard and pay our bills but don't have a lot extra when it comes to raising money for our passion of owning a bed and breakfast. That's why we are hoping there are angels out there willing to help us out!

- I don't like to use online payment sites. Is there another way I can send my money if I win?

Yes! We will accept certified checks from the winner's bank as well as payments via PayPal and RME.

- What if I don't like to bid on eBay - is there another way to participate in the contests?

Unfortunately, we decided to use eBay since it seems to be fairly universal and accessible to many different people from all over the world. However, if you'd like to donate a set amount rather than bid, please feel free! In addition, as soon as the contests are over, we will set up a page where you can pre-book a room with us at a special pre-opening rate.

- I don't care about winning your bids, I'd just like to donate. How can I do that?

To donate via RME, please click here:

To donate via PayPal, please click here:

If you choose to donate, please also contact us via this blog and let us know! We would love to know all of our angels, and will thank you for your gift. We may even send a hand-written thank you card, as Jess has a preoccupation with good old handwritten notes!

- How long do the contests run?

While we haven't had a chance to get the items up for bid on Ebay quite yet, we hope to have them run for 10 days sometime in January or February. This should give us enough time to finish up some press releases and send them out, and give you the chance to spread the word about this great opportunity so that we receive more bids!

- How much will it cost to book a suite with The Boulevard Bed and Breakfast?

We are currently estimating the following rates for our suites, based on extensive research of area bed and breakfasts and luxury hotels: $149/night + tax for the main floor guest room and $219/night + tax for the loft suite. We do not anticipate the cottage being available for at least a year, so we have yet to price this option. However, we plan to offer special discounted rates for business travelers, holidays, and other occasions. These discounted prices will be listed on the website once the bed and breakfast has been opened.

- What happens if I win?

For more information on winning, please check out our page titled "What Does It Mean To Be A Winning Bidder?" There is a link located on the right side of each page that can take you to that blog.

- What happens if I DON'T win?

Sadly, we will never know how you helped us with our project if you are not a winning bidder. However, you may still donate toward our cause using the links above, and if you do, please contact us via this blog and we would be more than happy to acknowledge your gift and thank you greatly for it! :)

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